Unique Toys and Hand Scooped Ice Cream

Visit Us in Quincy!

Address: 383 Main St, Quincy, CA 95971

Phone: (530) 283-0404

Business Hours:
Monday – Saturday 11am – 5:30pm

We love shopping at the Toy Store in Quincy! Our 2 year old always makes sure to grab the kiddie cart and to fill it up with toys he likes! Proud to say that our Melissa and Doug Roy collection is growing because of the Toy Store! 

Alice Garcia

OMG. Hands down the best toy store I have ever been to, by far! If you’re into top quality, durable, Montessori-based toys, look no further. I look forward to supporting and spreading the word on this amazing establishment from now on.

Stacey Shaffer

I have been in their numerous times and each time they are so helpful and welcoming. I love their unique selection of toys and clothes. We are very luck to have such a great store in quincy!

Danielle Rael

The owner is so great, friendly and extremely helpful! He helped me find my daughter some shoes that actually fit her and she LOVES them!!! Especially because they squeek!!!”

Sandra Galon